Meghan thought Harry’s book Spare would ‘heighten celebrity status’

Meghan Markle’s belief that the release of Prince Harry’s book Spare would “heighten their celebrity status” has backfired, according to a royal commentator. Kinsey Schofield claimed that the Duchess of Sussex has been left “mortified” after Sasha Walpole, the woman Harry lost his virginity to, came forward after details of their encounter were published in his memoir.

Ms Walpole gave an interview to Piers Morgan on TalkTV expressing her “disbelief” that the Duke of Sussex went into “so much detail” about the night in question.

Responding, Ms Schofield told New magazine: “I’m sure both Meghan and Harry are completely mortified about this.

“I don’t think Harry thought Sasha would ever come forward. She was mentioned so briefly in his book, but she’s come out and exposed it like it’s a full affair.

“It’s been made a bigger deal than he intended it to be. Meghan will be extremely embarrassed by the response it’s had.”

She continued: “This is not the kind of attention she wants.

“I think she thought this book would elevate them and heighten their celebrity status, but ultimately, it’s made them the butt of the joke.”

Harry discussed his night with Ms Walpole as an “inglorious episode with an older woman” and said she treated him like a “young stallion”.

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Ms Schofield added that Harry and Meghan will be working behind the scenes to restore their public image.

She said: “I’m sure there are lots of team meetings happening, talking about how they can get Harry and Meghan’s brand back on track, because the last thing they wanted when they picked up and moved to the States was to become a laughing stock .

“It’s going to be hard to shake this off. I imagine Meghan reading that part of the book and thinking, ‘This is not that bad’, because otherwise, why would she approve it?

“She probably thought the public would pull apart things in there that are much more damaging.”

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