Missing US student could have left France willingly, prosecutor says

Ken DeLand, a fourth-year student from St John Fisher University in Rochester, New York, has not been in contact with his family since November 27 after leaving his host family to catch a train to Valence, France.

His desperate parents are urging the authorities for answers about their son’s whereabouts after they said it is not like him not to be in touch.

Grenoble prosecutor Eric Vaillant told Fox News Digital that the student may have left the city voluntarily after having trouble making friends.

DeLand “told several people that he arrived in France insufficiently prepared and had difficulty making friends,” Vaillant said.

He also claimed that DeLand had expressed a desire to leave early for the city of Marseille before returning home to the US.

But his parents said it is unusual for Ken not to get in touch at least every other day.

Ken DeLand Sr, his father, told CNN affiliate Wham: “We just shake our heads.

“We don’t understand why he is not reaching out to us if he was reaching out on a daily basis or every other day like he was it is just not characteristic of Kenny.”

Deland’s family has launched a website to help locate him, where people can send tips and information.

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His family wrote on the website: “Initially, Ken struggled to fit in and make friends abroad.

“However, he continued to remain positive and made great connections. We learned that he told friends in the United States and France that he wished to travel to Marseille before coming home.”

He was scheduled to leave France on December 15.

The fourth-year student had been studying abroad at the University of Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble.

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