Mistake to bet against Trump as GOP ‘still love him’, says expert

Republicans “still love” Donald Trump and it is a “dumb mistake” to bet against the former President, according to a US journalist. Speaking to Dan Wootton, journalist Megyn Kelly warned people of “betting against Trump”, recalling his shock wins in the Republican primary and US Presidential election in 2016.

The former Fox News presenter said that the 45th US President had an excellent chance of securing the Republican nomination for the 2024 US Presidential election if other candidates also enter the race alongside Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

She said: “Absolutely they were wrong.

“They wanted to take those lackluster mid-term results for the Republicans and turn it into an albatross around Donald Trump’s neck saying he was done politically.

“How many times do they have to do that before they will learn that is a dumb mistake.

“Bet against Trump in the Republican Party at your own peril. We could talk about the general, but in the Republican Party they still love him.

“And the fact that Ron DeSantis has a lot of fans too doesn’t mean that Trump is not going to secure this nomination. In fact what we’re seeing in the polls now is when it’s a head to head match up Trump Versus DeSantis , Trump sometimes wins often loses.

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“And so all these people who hate Trump want to do head to head match ups in these polls because they know DeSantis is likely to come out ahead. They like DeSantis, the anti Trump Republicans are still very powerful and very loud.

“But if you put anyone else in that race which is reality. It’s not just going to be just DeSantis taking on Trump, Trump is dominant.

“The Republican Party still loves him, they are not the mainstream media and I think the more he gets out there if he can stay on message and stop grabbing about 2020 and how he secretly won. The more he’s going to consolidate that vote.”

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