Mum fears her ‘extinct’ name will disappear ‘like the dinosaurs’

A woman who has learned her name is on the brink of “extinction” is urging people to rethink their baby names. Stacey Dennis found out her name had fallen out of favor, with no registrations at all in the UK this year. Now the 37-year-old is urging people to “be more Stacey, be less Karen”.

The mum-of-one said she didn’t know any other Staceys when she was growing up and always struggled to find keyrings with her name on them.

But she said she has “gotten over myself” and now as an adult likes her name.

She said: “I always get called Tracey, and I’m like, ‘It’s Stacey!’ And there are a couple of variations, and you can’t really shorten it.

“I like it now as an adult, I’ve gotten over myself, but as a kid, I didn’t, just because it’s not as popular. As an adult, I do, probably for the opposite reasons of why I didn’t don’t like it as a kid.”

Graphic designer Stacey, who runs her own business called Love Layla, said she was almost named Shelly, but her cousin got the name first.

Speaking on the lack of Stacey’s in the UK she said: “I didn’t think it was that bad! I thought it was quite a nice name. I’m not surprised really at Barbie being on the list.

“But no Staceys in a year, what’s happening there?

“I think we should start flying the flag for Staceys, maybe it’s a campaign I’ll have to do!”

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Stacey’s business specializes in name-related stock which includes merchandise around “Karen” memes.

Stacey urged younger people to “just embrace” the name adding that she wants to see lots of people given the name in the future.

She continued: “I’m really sad to see Staceys are going the same way as the dinosaurs. I want to see ‘bring back Stacey!’ I want to see loads of people named Stacey next year!”

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