New poll suggests more than three in five patients support NHS strike

The latest poll has suggested that more than three in five patients support NHS workers striking. The study was performed on 1758 adults.

It also stated that 53 percent of those interviewed support teachers striking after school staff overwhelmingly voted for industrial action earlier this week.

The TUC said it showed patients and parents see right through the Government’s “divide and rule tactics”.

The body, which represents many trade unions, says nurses have lost £42,000 in real earnings since 2008, the equivalent of £3,000 a year, while paramedics have lost £56,000, or £4,000 a year.

During the pandemic the public stood on their doorstep and clapped for NHS health workers every Thursday evening.

The TUC says the poll indicates the public’s recognition that the key workers who got Britain through Covid are “owed a decent pay rise”.

TUC General Secretary Paul Nowak said: “Key workers in the public sector helped get the country through the pandemic.

“This poll shows that patients and parents see right through the divide-and-rule tactics of this Conservative Government.

“These are people that really rely on our public services – they know all too well the damage done by year-on-year pay cuts.

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“It is clear the public stands with nursing staff as they know that when nurses speak, they speak for patients.

“It is now time for the government to come to the table and give nurses and their patients the respect they deserve.”

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