New voter ID laws backed by almost 90% of people — YOU VOTED

New Government rules will require voters in Great Britain to show photographic identification before being given their ballot paper at polling stations. The reforms are set to be introduced ahead of the local elections in England next May. A move which has been backed by 88 percent of readers in a new poll.

It will be a requirement for all general elections, as well as local ballots in England, and Police and Crime Commissioner elections in both England and Wales. Identification is already a requirement in Northern Ireland.

The change is being implemented under the Elections Act which became law in April and is a move to help prevent voter fraud. However, the Electoral Commission reports “low levels” with just nine convictions since 2017.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s official spokesperson said: “We believe it’s right to ensure there are protections in place against potential voter fraud”.

There are also practical concerns about the implementation, with The Electoral Commission’s director of electoral administration, Ailsa Irvine, told the Financial Times that changes “must be delivered in a way which is accessible, secure and workable”.

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In response, ran a poll from noon on Tuesday, December 13, to 10am on Thursday, December 15, asking readers: “Do you support the introduction of photo ID at polling stations?”

Overall, 9,016 people responded with the vast majority, 88 percent (7,959 people) answered “yes” in favor of photographic identification.

Whereas, 11 percent of readers (1,013 people) said “no” it should not be introduced and a further 44 people said they did not know.

In the hundreds of comments left below the accompanying article readers took part in a lively debate.

However, others commented that ID cards were not the way forward and that the postal vote system should be reformed, like username turqoisenoise said: “Voter fraud is extraordinarily low. Photo ID is a solution in search of the problem. It’s just an attempt at US-style voter suppression.”

Username GB39 said: “Photo ID will help solve a small problem. The much bigger problem lies with the manipulation of Postal Voting which is wide open to abuse.”

And username DeliberatelyLeftBlank wrote: “It is the postal vote that is most abused. Without the privacy of the voting booth, voters can be pressured or bought.”

Username LindsayH added: “It’s unlikely to make much difference until postal votes are banned to prevent mass fraud.”

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