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Octopus Energy to bring solar panels to British homes and slash bills

Octopus Energy continued: “Between September 2021 and September 2022, customers on this tariff were paid £0.34 pence per kilowatt hour on average, with payments going up to £1.29 per kilowatt hour in the last year.

“Fixed Outgoing pays the best fixed-rate export prices in the country. Customers are paid £0.15 per kilowatt hour exported back to the grid.”

This, they said, is “three times more than any other energy supplier.

“Customers with solar panels and a solar battery who choose the Agile Outgoing tariff could save up to 90 percent on their electricity bills compared to customers on a standard variable tariff.”

This saving, they noted, does not include the initial cost of the solar panels and their installation.

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