Panic as bus bursts into flames in middle of busy road

A London bus in Marylebone has been engulfed in flames in the middle of the road, according to footage released on social media. The roof of the vehicle looked to be on fire with orange flames and white smoke pouring from the back of the bus. It looks as if the vehicle was forced to make an emergency stop in the middle of the street as those inside scrambled to escape. at least 17 calls were made to the emergency services as Londoners panicked as the dramatic scene unfolded.


The London Fire Brigade released a statement on their Twitter page, saying there had been a “bus fire on Portman Square in Marylebone”.

The statement read: “We have been called to this bus fire on Portman Square in #Marylebone.

“All passengers have left the bus and there are currently no reports of any injuries. Our Control Officers have taken 17 emergency calls.”

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