Planes circling river where Nicola Bulley vanished to help search

Analysis of flight paths by has revealed that multiple private planes have taken to the air in an effort to help find missing mum-of-two Nicola Bulley. At least five planes in the last two hours can be seen circling the river where she disappeared, as well as where it meets the ocean.

The community efforts come as the investigation into the missing 45-year-old enters its 13th day. Police have confirmed that their working hypothesis remains that Ms Bulley fell into the River Wyre, which the planes have been following – but neither they, the police, nor a specialsit investigative team have been able to provide any information as to what happened to the mortgage advisor on the morning of January 27.

Flightradar24’s tracking system reveals that around noon today multiple flights traced the area where Nicola went missing, with some directly following the river, while others circled where the river meets the ocean downstream.

Most of the planes originated from nearby Blackpool, while some took off closer to St Michael’s on Wyre, the village where Nicola lived with her husband Paul Ansell, and two daughters Harriet, 9, and Sophia, 6.

The private planes included a Diamond DA-40 Diamond Star, a Piper PA-28-140, and a Cessna FA150K Aerobat. More flights are continuing to join the search as the day progresses.

Their contribution comes as Paul spent some time by the riverbank where the police believe his wife fell into the river. She disappeared after dropping her daughters off at school and going on her usual dog walk on Friday, January 27, while still connected to a work conference call.

He spoke with Peter Faulding, the underwater search expert called in by the family to help with the search. Mr Faulding appeared to be taking him through aspects of his search, now on his third day.

Mr Ansell was accompanied by a police officer and Emma White, a family friend of Nicola, 45.

On Tuesday, Superintendent Sally Riley, of Lancashire Police, said detectives had looked at “every single” potential suspicion or criminal suggestion that had come in and discounted them.

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