Plymouth gunman seen in chilling video that left five people dead

This is the terrifying video of a gunman stalking the streets of Plymouth during an eight-minute mass-shooting that left five people dead. Footage shown to an inquest jury at Exeter Racecourse today sees Jake Davison wielding his huge gun near his home as he fatally shoots dead innocent bystanders – including a toddler pushing her teddy in a pram. The jury was shown sections of video, from CCTV, bodycam footage and audio from 999 calls, revealing for the first time the true horror of the events that unfolded.

The 22-year-old gunman is seen on August 12, 2021 leaving his home with the firearm as he prepares to begin his murderous rampage.

The horrifying killing spree ended with Davison pointing the Weatherby pump action shotgun to his chin and shooting himself after he was seen walking towards the police and paramedics treating his final victim – 66-year-old Kate Shepherd.

A police officer is seen yelling in his direction as he approaches, but it’s too late and he pulls the trigger.

The officer can then be heard reporting on his radio: “A male has just shot himself in the head on Henderson Place.”

The inquest was told how Davison first killed his mother Maxine, 51 at their home in Biddick Drive, Plymouth following a furious row. He then shot dead four others in a murderous rampage.

The jury heard a terrifying 999 call from her sister Marlene Hill after Maxine raised the alarm.

She tells the emergency services operator: “Just had a call from my sister, her son has mental health issues. He’s locked her in the bedroom, grabbed her by the throat, not letting her out.”

Two loud bangs then rang out, with police later finding Maxine dead with two shotgun wounds from close range.

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In the latest tragic event, he twice shot 59-year-old Stephen Washington – a full-time carer for his wife who was walking his two dogs – first from 10m to 16m and then once from a meter.

Davison then walks through the park and onto Royal Navy Avenue heading towards Henderson Place, with CCTV showing him walking across the road with his murder weapon still in hand.

But he then tragically comes across artist Katie Shepherd who was walking back from a trip to Lidl supermarket shooting her once in the abdomen from three meters. She later died from her injuries.

The jury is also shown more footage that shows Davison strolling onto Bedford Street, where he threatened two people, before heading back to Henderson Place just as emergency services desperately try to save Ms Shepherd. It’s at this point that Davidson points the huge shotgun to his own chin and shoots himself dead.

The inquest was told it would raise concerns from the victims’ families as to why Davison was ever allowed to legally own a firearm under a sporting license.

He had the gun taken off him by the police following an accusation of assault made against him, but tragically it was given back to Davison shortly before his killing spree.

Earlier proceedings today, inquest statements were also read out to the jury on behalf of the families of all the victims.

Josh Davison, the son of Maxine and brother of Jake, said: “Our involvement in this inquest is to help prevent this happening in the future – an event like this cannot and should not happen again.

“If we had one wish it would be we could turn back time and allow everyone who had a part in the events leading up to this tragedy an opportunity to make changes to prevent it happening at all.”

The inquest at Exeter Racecourse continues.

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