Police get more time to question two men arrested over Cody Fisher

Police have been granted more time to question two men arrested on suspicion of the murder of semi-professional footballer Cody Fisher. Detectives were given an extension on Friday (December 30) to keep the pair in custody for longer. Usually, detectives have to either charge or release people after a specific length of time.

A third man is also being questioned on suspicion of the murder of the 23-year-old.

Two people arrested for assisting an offender have been released on bail and a further two remain in custody.

Birmingham Police said: “Three men remain in custody on suspicion of Cody Fisher’s murder after detectives were granted a Magistrates Court extension for two to question them further.

“Two people arrested for assisting an offender have been released on bail and a further two remain in custody.”

Meanwhile, Section 60, which allows the police to stop and search people without grounds, will remain in place until 5am tomorrow (December 31) around the city center.

Birmingham City Council today ordered the Digbeth venue to close for at least 28 days while the police investigate the murder of Cody Fisher on Boxing Day.

In a new statement released this afternoon, a Crane spokesperson said: “Following the tragedy of Boxing Day, our focus is absolutely on helping support the fullest possible investigation.

“It cannot be ‘business as usual’ at Crane.”

“We have not opposed the temporary license suspension requested by the police, pending the full review hearing, in order that we can focus on assisting West Midlands Police with their inquiries in the weeks ahead.

“It’s much too early to comment on details, or individual anecdotal accounts, surrounding this appalling event; these must be sifted and assessed with care – and we welcome that.

“We recognize that issues – such as checks and security facilities employed at the venue on that evening – must come under close scrutiny.

“And whilst our contracted security staff are qualified professionals licensed by the SIA, this will nevertheless be the subject of a careful and detailed review.”

The West Midlands force said Cody Fisher had died during “a fight on the dance floor” and officers had then faced “a scene of chaos and drug use”.

The suspension is pending a full review hearing to take place at a later date.

Managers of the Digbeth club said they were cooperating with authorities following events on Boxing Day.

A sergeant said the club’s security guards had asked officers to help them with crowd control following the stabbing, while other “oblivious” staff members were “wandering around all over the place” and began cleaning up the crime scene.

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