Prince Andrew bath sex claim debunked by tiny tub, say lawyers

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers released a photograph of the bathtub which was allegedly used by the Duke of York and the then 17-year-old Giuffre. Ms Giuffre accused Andrew of raping and sexually assaulting her three times in 2001 as part of a sex trafficking ring by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew has always denied the allegations against him.

Maxwell’s older brother, Ian, 66, has claimed that the photo of the bath could help his sister and the prince.

Speaking of the alleged encounters with the royal, Giuffre gave details of how she was taken to Maxwell’s house in Belgravia, London.

The bathroom of the house became the center of the original claims as it is where Giuffre claims she was forced to engage sexually with the prince.

In an interview in 2011, Giuffre claimed that she and the Duke got into the bath and he “started licking my toes, between my toes, the arches of my feet”.

She then claimed that the pair then moved into the bedroom where they had sex.

In a memoir which has gone unpublished but was used in her case against Maxwell, Giuffre wrote, “it was a beige marble tiled floor with a porcelain Victorian-style bathtub in the middle of the room”.

The disgraced family of former media mogul Robert Maxwell staged a photograph of two acquaintances of the family lying fully clothed in the cramped bath with Andrew and Giuffre masks.

It is claimed by the Maxwell’s that the photograph shows how the tub is too small for “any sort of sex frolicking”

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The renewed fight against Giuffre comes after she dropped a separate sex abuse claim against US lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

Giuffre has said that she “may have made a mistake” in claiming he abused her as a teenager”.

Mr Maxwell made it clear that he was happy for the prince to use the image if it would bolster his case.

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