Prince Harry branded ‘man-baby’ for swipe at the media reporting

He added: “It’s never Harry’s fault, ever. Ever. It’s always someone else’s fault…But largely it’s the fault of folk like me. Members of the British media we are the devil, we are dangerous, we are evil.

“Actually, if you listen to members of the military, at the senior levels of the military in the UK, they’re not complaining about the coverage of his words. They’re complaining about the fact that he has made this revelation at all .”

Following the leak of the excerpt, the BBC ran an article in which they quoted a former officer in the British Army, Colonel Tim Collins, who claimed Harry “let the side down”.

He said: “We don’t do notches on the rifle butt. We never did.”

In the passage, Prince Harry writes about his time in Afghanistan. He said that he was keenly aware of what he called the “mistakes” being made in the war and that he wanted to come home with his “conscience intact”.

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