Prince Harry ‘needs a drink’ after ‘a lot of sensational leaks’

The Late Show host praised the autobiography as a “very intimate memoir” and “very good read by itself”.

He continued by saying:[There have been] a lot of sensational leaks in the days leading up to this, I know that you yourself are a very private person for being a public figure.

“You are revealing a lot of things here. It must be on a certain level, kind of nerve-wracking to be out there to represent the book publicly and physically.”

In an effort to create a jovial atmosphere, the host then asked the Duke of Sussex if he “would like a cocktail before we begin?”

The father of two eagerly replied, “yes please” and Mr Colbert then poured two glasses of neat Tequila on ice with extra limes “to keep away the scurvy”, the host joked.

The royal then asked the front row members of the audience if they wanted a drink too, which prompted Colbert to say: “They’re already on your side man, you don’t have to get them drunk”.

The television audience certainly appeared to be on the duke’s side as they could be heard cheering “Harry! Harry! Harry!”.

The prince addressed the backlash to the book caused by the “sensational leaks” in the press ahead of its release.

He told Colbert: “The last few days have been very hurtful and challenging”.

Harry once again bashed the press for manipulating his words but taking them out of the context of the book in order to create conflict.

He said the spin on his words is “very dangerous” and that the words he used, especially in relation to his comments on the Taliban were not.


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