Prince Harry opened up to Princess Eugenie about ‘awkward’ date

Prince Harry previously opened up to his cousin Princess Eugenie about an “awkward” date with an ex-girlfriend before he started dating his wife Meghan Markle. The pair are known to be close, with Eugenie even flying to California to visit Harry’s family after they stepped down from royal life.

The York’s youngest daughter also introduced Harry to one of her friends, actress Cressida Bonas, whom he dated between 2012-2014.

However he acknowledged that he was not as smooth with Ms Bonas as he could have been.

The couple were on their second date when Harry dropped her home and tried to go in for the kiss, however his “aim was off”.

He wrote in his memoir Spare: “She turned, I tried again on the return trip, and we managed something like a graze. Painfully awkward.”

He phoned his cousin the next day to fill her in on the awkward details, however his date had gotten there before him.

Harry writes: “Disencouraged, I told her the date had gone well but the ending had left something to be desired.

“She didn’t disagree. She’d already spoken to Cressida. She sighed. Awkward.”

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At the time of their split, a friend said: “It’s very sad that they have decided to split but this is a completely amicable separation and they are remaining the very best of friends.”

Fortunately Eugenie and Meghan hit it off straight away when they were introduced, as Harry said they embraced “like sisters”.

Eugenie’s young son August is only a few months older than Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lilibet, as she welcomed him with husband Jack Brooksbank in February 2021.

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