Prince Harry slammed for TMI in Spare – ‘inane and puerile’

Prince Harry has been savaged over his revealing descriptions in Spare, which have been labeled as far “too much information”. Camilla Tominey, a royal correspondent for the better part of two decades, slammed the memoir after Harry claimed “she always got it wrong”.

After being called out in the book, Ms Tominey joked that her “reputation was in tatters” before claiming she and the Duke “got on well” previously and showing a picture of the two together.

She added that the book is a “real mix” as during some parts, including passages about the death of his mother Princess Diana, you can “sympathise with him”.

“It goes from tender and extremely revelatory moments to the inane and the puerile. Discussions of whether or not he had frostbite on his genitals or and how he lost his virginity when he was with this older woman who treated him quote ‘like a stallion’ ,” Ms Tominey said of Spare.

She added: “It’s probably a case of TMI, I don’t know if I needed to know that level of detail of his life. A lot of the people in the UK are saying ‘look, enough already just please stop’.”

The story in question was one Ms Tominey penned in 2018 which she quoted sources as saying that Meghan Markle had made Kate Middleton cry over the alleged wedding dress row.

However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle claim it happened the other way around. The Duke says, in Spare, he returned home to find Meghan “crying on the floor”.

In the book, Prince Harry writes of Ms Tominey: “Days later came the coup de grace: from a royal correspondent, a sci-fi fantasy describing the ‘growing froideur’ between Kate and Meg, claiming that, according to ‘two sources’ , Meg had reduced Kate to tears about the bridesmaid dresses.

“This particular royal correspondent had always made me ill. She’d always always got stuff wrong.”

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However, the mention didn’t seem to bother Ms Tominey who said she would treat it as a “badge of honour”.

“There’s still debate over who made who cry, but let’s just say recollections may vary on that,” Ms Tominey told TODAY in Australia. “I wear it as a badge of honor.”

Spare hit the shelves January 10, however several bombshell passages were leaked ahead of the memoir which have sparked debate among royal watchers around the world.

The memoir became the best-selling nonfiction book ever and sold 1.43 million copies in the US, UK and Canada on the first day of its release.

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