Prince Harry’s claims of Royal briefing war dismissed

Prince Harry’s claim that press officers working for different royals were locked in a briefing war with one another prior to him and Meghan Markle leaving the UK have been dismissed by the Queen’s former communications secretary. Meanwhile, a US-based PR specialist has said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are fighting a “visceral emotional war” with the Royal Family – but warned the only winners will be Netflix.

Harry and Meghan’s documentary on the streaming service has damaged relations with the monarchy still further after a series of damaging claims in the latest three episodes of their documentary series to drop on the streaming service.

During the final installments, Harry accused his brother, the Prince of Wales, of screaming and shouting at him during a tense Sandringham summit, and suggested Kensington Palace “lied to protect my brother” when it issued a statement denying a story William had effectively bullied him out.

Harry also accused his father, then Prince Charles, now the King, of saying untrue things when the Queen gathered them together at Sandringham in January 2020 in an attempt to solve the Megxit crisis.

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“It would be completely counterproductive; it would damage the institution. It would be wrong, and the Queen would not sanction it.”

Meanwhile public relations and crisis consultant Mark Borkowski said the six-part Harry & Meghan Netflix show, offering insights into their luxury Californian lifestyle, battles with the media and travails with the royals in the aftermath of stepping down, was aimed at a US, not UK audience.

He said: “This is not messaging for the UK, they’ve clearly given that up, this is purely messaging for America who do understand that lifestyle.

“This is a war, a visceral emotional war they’re fighting in America and they’re painting the royal family in a way which fits dangerously closely to the narrative of The Crown.”

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