Prince Joachim wades into furious row over title stripping

Prince Joachim has spoken about spending time with his mother, brother and sister-in-law as the row about his children having their royal titles taken away continues. Speaking to Danish newspaper “BT” in Paris, the Prince waded into the debate again two weeks after he attended Queen Margrethe’s jubilee at Copenhagen City Hall.

Joachim appeared to hint that there had been some sort of new agreement among senior royals in relation to the row although he didn’t explain what it was or if Queen Margrethe was going to reverse her decision.

He said: “There is a lot to work on.

“Communication was what was lacking.

“Now we have met, and we are on the right track.”

Joachim’s wife Princess Marie also hinted that some sort of agreement had been reached at least in terms of improving communication if not a reversal of the title stripping decision.

She said: “We agree in the family that there should be better communication in the future.”

Back in September, Queen Margrethe told reporters that her decision to strip Prince Felix, Princess Athena, Prince Henrik, and Prince Nikolai of their royal titles was in their best interests.

She said: “It is a consideration I have had for quite a long time.

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“The Queen’s decision is in line with similar adjustments that other royal houses have made in various ways in recent years.

“With her decision, Her Majesty The Queen wishes to create the framework for the four grandchildren to be able to shape their own lives to a much greater extent without being limited by the special considerations and duties that a formal affiliation with the Royal House of Denmark as an institution involves.”

Prince Joachim also immediately responded expressing his displeasure at the decision along with the sadness felt by his children.

He said: “I can say that my children are sad.

“My kids don’t know which leg to stand on. What they should believe.

“Why should their identity be removed?

“Why must they be punished in that way?”

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