Princess Amalia joins first royal tour in

Princess Amalia is currently on her first royal tour and has almost instantly adapted to her new responsibilities with aplomb. The Princess is accompanying her parents King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima, on a ten-day tour of the Dutch Caribbean.

Starting on Saturday, the Princess had a hectic first three days on tour.

On their Instagram account, the Dutch royals explained that the purpose of the visit was to introduce the future Queen to the Caribbean part of the Dutch kingdom.

They said: “The visit is all about the introduction of the Princess of Orange to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

“They visit Bonaire, Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba in succession.

“During the trip, culture, nature, colonial past, defense efforts, sports and encounters with residents are centered.”

The tour began on the island of Bonaire, with the royals meeting Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna.

They also danced with local performers at the Mangazina di Rei Cultural Park.

The royals also learned about Bonnaire’s dark history by visiting an art installation which represented the huts slaves were forced to live in when they were working in the salt pans.

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The Princess then spent the afternoon with her parents in San Nicolas, visiting the Aruba Art Fair and meeting local artists.

They also enjoyed street performances by dancers and other performers.

So far the Princess of Orange is taking an active part in engagements and is getting to know people on the tour.

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