Putin accused of breaking his own ceasefire as shells fly on frontline

Air alerts were heard throughout Ukraine shortly after the truce began, with the governor of Kherson region saying a strike on a fire station left a rescuer dead and four other people wounded in the main city, which had been liberated by Ukrainian forces in November.

Ukrainian officials also said the eastern city of Kramatorsk also came under attack and more than a dozen buildings were damaged.

Luhansk regional leader Serhiy Haidai insisted the temporary ceasefire was “a lie and a trap”, urging people not to attend Orthodox Church services or gather in large groups as Russian;s could be planning “terrorist attacks”.

Shortly after the truce was announced on Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had warned it was an attempt from Putin to stop his country’s military advances in the east of the country, and bring in more men and equipment.

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