Putin could order troops to make ‘final push’ in Ukraine war move

Vladimir Putin could order his troops to make a “final push” on the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, opposition officials fear. The war, which has been ongoing since February 24, 2022, is now reaching a critical point, with Putin’s forces significantly stepping up brutal attacks on its eastern neighbor in recent days. This has triggered fears that he could majorly escalate the conflict, possibly with another mass mobilization involving hundreds of thousands of Russian troops or launching new devastating nuclear attacks.

But there are now growing fears among Ukrainian officials that the Russian President could rally his troops for one last defining push as he looks to come out on top in the conflict.

Oleskiy Danylov, secretary of Ukraine’s Security Council, spoke out earlier today as he urged Western countries to urgently send more weapons to his country.

He said: “We must prepare for such events every day, and we are preparing. The first and last question is always about weapons, aid to help us defeat this aggressor that invaded our country.

Earlier today, Russia announced a huge overhaul of its army as it looks to reverse a series of setbacks during the Ukraine war.

Local authorities in the city are reportedly preparing for Putin’s visit and although the nature of his rumored announcement remains a mystery, speculation has been swirling over recent days.

Putin has seemingly submitted a draft law for the “termination of international treaties” with Europe, according to various Russian state media reports today.

This could be linked to the so-called major “announcement” he will be making within the next 24 hours.

The Russian President’s rumored ill-health also continues to generate intense speculation, with reports claiming he may be suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s.

This could reportedly lead him to retire and step away from the Kremlin hot seat within a matter of months.

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