Putin poised to unleash 2,000 tanks in ‘huge invasion’

Polish deputy foreign minister, Pawel Jabłoński, has warned that Russia could attack other countries if it succeeds in Ukraine.

He said: “If we don’t support Ukraine now, there will be new targets for [Vladimir] Putin.

“A Russian politician recently suggested that Russia should ‘denazify’ six more countries after Ukraine, including Poland. What we do now, we do out of solidarity and in support of the victims.”

Łukasz Jankowski, a political journalist who covers the Polish Parliament, echoed this sentiment.

He said: “The opinion throughout Polish society is that if Russia succeeds in Ukraine by claiming territory, whether in Kherson or Zaporizhzhia, there will be the next war, and another after that.

“The feeling is that our basic safety and our independence will be in danger if Russia wins.”

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