Raging thug threatens to ‘chop ex’s head off ’ after being dumped

A scorned lover threatened to chop off his ex-girlfriend’s head and “take it around the street” after she had dumped him.

Jerrel Coppell, 24, locked the woman and his sister inside his house after she told him they were no longer together.

A court heard Coppell began arguing with her, and pushed her onto the sofa every time she tried to leave telling her she “wasn’t going anywhere”.

The yob then ran upstairs and grabbed a sword before threatening to “chop” off her legs so she couldn’t leave the house. He also made the threat to hack off the woman’s head.

But he was spared jail despite inflicting the tortuous ordeal, Manchester Evening News reports.

Coppell was handed a three-year community order and ordered to complete 20 days of rehabilitation activity requirements.

Sentencing at Manchester Crown Court on Friday, Recorder Jason MacAdam said: “This was sustained violence with the intention to cause her fear that she would be subject to very serious violence. That is what happened, she did fear that, anyone in her position would. What you did affected every aspect of her life.

“If you don’t abide by the order, I will lock you up.”

The court heard the defendant had been in a short-lived relationship with the woman for one month, but they remained friends.

The woman became concerned he had not realized it was over, romantically, between them, and so went to his house in Wythenshawe, Manchester, on January 11 this year to tell him they were no longer in a romantic relationship.

After telling him, he began arguing with his sister, and as both women went to leave he locked the front door.

Ellen Shaw, prosecuting, said: “She was then subjected to him shouting at her whilst she sat on the sofa. Every time she tried to get up he pushed her back down and said she wasn’t going anywhere.

“He then ran upstairs and ran down with a sword and shouted at her saying that he would chop her legs off so she couldn’t leave the house. He then said he would chop her head off and take the head with him around the street .”

The woman was able to escape to the kitchen, during which she told him: “You’re f***ing sick”. Coppell then ran towards her, grabbed her neck and began to squeeze, the prosecutor said.

He then pulled her to the floor before allowing her to leave, only if she promised to contact him again. She said she would in order to get away from him, and managed to run away. The following day she texted him to say not to contact her again.

In her victim personal statement, the woman said her day-to-day life had been affected and she has since moved away from the area.

Coppell was said to have three previous convictions for four offenses including for a public order offense when he shouted abuse at a different victim in the street and a breach of a restraining order.

He admitted affray in relation to the latest offense.

Defending, Gwen Henshaw said Coppell had “significant” mental health difficulties. She said he now realizes that “he needs to step back from intimate relationships and work on himself”.

“If he doesn’t take that opportunity with both hands the only place he will end up is in prison,” she said.

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