Rescue dog overlooked for 120 days as adopters put off by ‘odd gait’

A rescue dog has been overlooked by adopters for more than 120 days due to his “odd gait”. Patrick, a one-year-old crossbreed, came into the care of Blue Cross’s Suffolk center in August.

But he is still waiting to be picked and rescuers fear potential adopters are being put off by his “odd gait” as he can be “a bit clumsy and wobbly”.

Vets believe Patrick will be affected all of his life but it does not hold him back.

The young dog, who is described as “loving and happy”, enjoys getting out for walks and playing with toys.

The charity is making a special appeal to find him a home in time for Christmas.

Jennie Paige, operational supervisor at the Suffolk centre, said: “Patrick is a happy and social boy who enjoys being around people.

“Potential new owners can be put off because he has an odd gait and can come across as a bit clumsy and wobbly on his legs.

“He’s not on any medication for this as our vet believes these traits are neurological in origin and will likely affect him life-long.

“They may continue as they are now or sadly they may deteriorate.

“Ultimately, we cannot be certain, but it certainly doesn’t get in the way of Patrick being a loving and happy dog ​​who loves nothing more than being out and about meeting other dogs and being around people.

“He loves water to dig and play in and loves his toys.

“We are looking for active, confident owners who will be able to work with Patrick and ensure he gets a good amount of exercise with plenty of walks, play, training and enrichment.

“He can struggle to settle in the company of people but settles when he is alone in his kennel so he will be able to be left for a few hours each day by his owners.

“A secure private garden would be ideal, and he could possibly live with another dog but not any cats.

“We’d love to find Patrick a home for Christmas so that he can start the New Year in a loving new home where he will get all the care and love he deserves.”

It comes as the Blue Cross has launched its Christmas fundraising appeal.

Find out more about Patrick here.

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