Russian losses in Ukraine near 100,000 after 200 killed in strikes

A Ukrainian official has claimed that many Wagner Group soldiers have been killed after a strike in the town of Kadivka to the west of Luhansk on Saturday devastated one of their bases. Serhiy Gaidai, the governor of the Russian-occupied Luhansk region, told Ukrainian television that forces struck the site using HIMARS missiles.

Sources in Kyiv say the strike in Kadiivka resulted in ‘significant losses’, according to the Telegraph.

Photos posted on Telegram appeared to show a building largely reduced to rubble.

Mr Gaidai said those who survived the strikes did not have adequate medical services to be treated and “will die before they get care”.

He said: “I am sure that at least 50 percent of those who managed to survive will die before they get medical care,” he said. “This is because even in our Luhansk region, they have stolen equipment.”

The Wagner Group is a vicious mercenary group of Russian soldiers made up of ex-offenders, those discharged from the Armed Forces and criminals. It is run by the oligarch and Putin-confidante Yevgeny Prigozhin, who reportedly enjoys a direct line to the Russian leader.

The group is renowned for their brutality and last month, a 55-year-old Wagner fighter from Russia, Yevgeny Nuzhin, was brutally beaten to death with a sledgehammer after defecting to Ukraine.

Footage in the summer showed Prigozhin recruiting soldiers from Russian prisons, telling murderers and rapists that, should they serve six months in his regiment, they would then be freed from incarceration.

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