Scammers will exploit Solihull and Jersey tragedies, expert warns

The recent tragedies in Solihull and Jersey will be exploited by scammers running fake fundraisers to skim money from well-meaning people this Christmas. That is the alarming warning from an expert who says crooks use tragic events they see in the news to take advantage of people’s emotions to scam them.

Scam buster Alexis Conran told This Morning viewers: “Scammers know this… and very often they will use things that are in the news.

“The horrific goings on up in Solihull, the three children that lost their lives. St Helier in Jersey, with the explosion there.

“Do not be surprised if you see little charities pop up to help those particular causes because they will take advantage of emotions and what’s currently in the news.”

He urged people to go to established charities if they did want to donate.

And he told viewers to search the government’s Charity Commission website for the name of a charity.

He warned if it did not appear there then it was likely to be a scam.

Birmingham Live reports that people of all ages have been paying their respects at Babbs Mill Park in Solihull where four boys died after falling into an icy lake on Sunday.

Rescuers had smashed through the ice in a desperate bid to save the youngsters, but tragically four of them – aged six, 11, 10 and eight – had died after being pulled from the water.

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In Jersey, the island is mourning nine people who are feared to have died in an explosion that destroyed a block of flats.

The cause of the blast at the three-storey block of flats Haut du Mont in the island’s capital St Helier is still under investigation.

The day before the explosion fire crews had looked into reports of a smell of gas nearby.

Jersey chief fire officer Paul Brown acknowledged something went “horribly wrong” and said his service will be “co-operating fully” with the investigation.

Specialists from gas suppliers Island Energy have joined the inquiry.

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