Soubry slams Tories as ‘Brexit Party’ and brands Boris ‘worst’ PM

Rishi Sunak’s Tories have been disparagingly blasted as the “Brexit Party” by a former Conservative Minister on Question Time. Anna Soubry, who represented Broxtowe from 2010 to 2019, fumed that it was time that the “grown-ups” were back in charge, although she spared Defense Minister Alex Chalk from her tirade.

She said: “This is a complete distraction.

“The question that really we all should be debating is why we have a Government that is absolutely incapable of settling these strikes, which it does have a role in and sorting it out.

“The answer is because we’ve got largely, Alex is one of the exceptions, a bunch of incompetents and we feel like we are being governed by teenagers.

“And it’s about time we had the grown-ups back in charge.”

At this point, Question Time guest Fiona Bruce remarked that it was hard to believe that the ex-Business Minister was ever a Conservative.

She said: “Anna it’s hard to believe you ever were a Conservative listening to you now.”

The former Change UK MP, who originally joined the Conservative Party in 1975, said that this was because it had been highjacked by the “Brexit Party” and “ideologically” driven on the right.

She said: “Well it’s because the Conservative Party is barely the party I joined all those years ago.

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“But most importantly it was a party that you could trust with the economy, which was competent, honest and decent.

“And we don’t have those things in the Conservative Party anymore.”

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