Sturgeon humiliated as hundreds gather in Glasgow to celebrate exit

Around 250 people rushed to George Square in Glasgow last night, according to the Scottish Daily Express.

A massive conga line reportedly took place around the square while many people were seen waving Union Jack flags in support of Scotland remaining in the UK.

Champagne corks were popped as hundreds of people toasted the departure of Ms Sturgeon and a potentially massive blow to any plans for Scottish independence.

There were also reportedly full families present at the celebration, while many had electric signs and banners.

Ironically, the public space in Scotland’s largest city was commandeered by Yes activists in the days before the failed independence referendum in 2014.

Last night’s event was quickly organized by Facebook personality Glasgow Cabbie, aka Stef Shaw, who received three huge cheers from the crowd when he addressed them.

He told the crowd: “It’s been quite emotional. It’s taken a lot of time and it’s involved a lot of people.

“Very many organizations, groups from all over Scotland. I couldn’t be more proud of every one of you. You are a credit to Scotland and the people of Scotland.”

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Meanwhile, Ms Sturgeon came under furious attack from Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross after she announced her resignation.

Mr Ross, a strong critic of the First Minister, said she had “refused to accept the result” of the failed 2014 Scottish independence referendum and that her tenure was marked with “relentless agitating” for another vote.

He said: “Whatever our differences, it is right we recognize that political leadership is always demanding and takes its toll on a person and their family. I am glad Nicola Sturgeon has recognized this is the right time to go.

“However, at this time, we cannot ignore that she has presided over a decade of division and decay in Scotland.

“Instead of trying to unite the country in the wake of the 2014 referendum, Nicola Sturgeon refused to accept the result.

“Her entire tenure as First Minister has been characterized by relentless agitating for another vote on separation – governing in her party’s interests, rather than Scotland’s.

“As a result, Scotland has been in a state of constitutional paralysis ever since – divided and unable to move on from the Groundhog Day of 2014 and its toxic legacy, despite the wish of the majority of Scots to do just that.

“The SNP Government now needs to use this opportunity to focus on the Scottish people’s real priorities, especially the cost-of-living crisis, supporting our NHS and rebuilding our public services.”

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