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Sunak hits back and says UK ‘not a racist country’ after Sussex claims

Rishi Sunak said Britain is not a racist country as he defended the UK following the fallout from Prince Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary. The Prime Minister spoke of his pride in representing the country abroad and said it was an “enormous privilege” to champion the Royal Family.

He added that his appointment as the UK’s first Asian Prime Minister was proof of the tolerant attitudes of the nation.

His intervention came after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex warned there was a “huge level of unconscious bias” around race within the Royal Family.

Their bombshell six-part docu-series on Netflix sparked uproar as they made a barrage of attacks on the monarchy.

It led to widespread public outrage, including from TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson who wrote a controversial newspaper column about the Duchess of Sussex.

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Mr Clarkson had written of his “hate” for Meghan Markle and said he dreamed of her being “paraded naked through the streets”.

He added that he wanted to see “people throwing lumps of excrement at her”.

The former Top Gear presenter has since said he was “horrified to have caused so much hurt”.

Mr Clarkson said that he would “be more careful in the future”.

The Prime Minister’s decision to wade into the royal row is an unusual response from No10.

Downing Street normally refuses to comment on matters involving the Royal Family.

Buckingham Palace has remained quiet on the allegations thrown at them by Harry and Meghan in their documentary.

However, when similar claims of racism were made by the couple last year, Prince William responded by saying: “We’re very much not a racist family.”

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