Sussexes ‘suffer on both sides of Atlantic’ as popularity decreases

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s popularity is suffering on “both sides of [the] Atlantic”, according to a leading royal expert.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Daily Express’ Royal Round-Up, royal expert and correspondent Richard Palmer, told host Pandora Forsyth: “The opinion polls suggest that [Harry’s memoir] has damaged their popularity in the US.”

Mr. Palmer then spoke about the couple’s popularity in the US.

He said: “The poll commission by Newsweek suggested crucially, I think, that Harry and Meghan were in negative territory in the 18-24-year-olds age group.

“[Which is] their core group that they are trying to appeal to.”

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He added: “So, if you’re a commercial organization or a charity, that is looking for a role model in the US to help support your work, are you going to turn to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex?

“Well, organizations may think very carefully about if they think that, as somebody’s just said in the comments that, you know, Harry is damaged goods.”

Mr Palmer also added that “some advisors to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were concerned about the impact of this book.”

He added that the couple were reportedly advised to “rein it in”, but the couple “don’t appear to listen to them”.

He added that the release of the book has “paid off financially”, but added that if he was “advising him”, then he would be “worried” about the Duke’s long-term reputation.

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Prince Harry used his book to launch multiple new claims against the Royal Family.

In his bombshell memoir, which was released on January 10, Harry alleged that his elder brother, Prince William physically attacked him in 2019.

He also referred to his stepmother, the Queen Consort, as “dangerous” in one of a few interviews that accompanied the release.

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