‘They’re so brave’ Meghan and Harry hailed in US for being ‘genuine’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle unveiled fresh criticism of the British monarchy in their dramatic six-part documentary which concluded earlier this week. Buckingham Palace has declined to comment on the latest revelations and British royal commentators have described the explosive Netflix series as an “attack” on the Royal Family. In contrast, royal fans across the Atlantic have expressed their sympathy for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have been branded “genuine” and “brave” for voicing their experience of royal life.

The Telegraph spoke to viewers of the series at the British-themed Tea and Sympathy Cafe, located in New York’s West Village.

Speaking of the Duke and Duchess, Kennedy Hogan, 23, said: “They’re just so brave.”

Her college roommate and friend Linsday Cooper added: “It takes a lot to stand up to an institution like the Royal Family.”

Amanda Bailey, 34, from Albany New York said: “I think Harry comes across as genuine in it.”

She was quick to add: “Meghan is too Hollywood. I’ve always had that impression, but the Netflix show made it that much clearer.”

Joshua Haart from North Carolina told The Telegraph: “Maybe some people will be uncomfortable with the last few episodes, it’s obviously horrible to watch any family ripped apart.”

He added: “But they deserve to have their voice and the Royal family doesn’t get to just own the narrative.”

American royal commentator Kinsey Schofield described footage of Meghan crying as she discussed online harassment as the “most sincere” moment in the Netflix saga.

She added: “This should have been the entire docuseries. Less about their families and more about the impact and looking forward.”

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However, it appears that not everyone in the US has shared sympathy for the Duke and Duchess.

Speaking of the public reaction after the first three episodes of the series aired, Ms Schofield said: “Americans are really starting to question their integrity – Harry and Meghan, they are questioning their integrity. A lot of these stories aren’t adding up.”

A review published by the New York Post declared: “Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary is a hypocritical attention grab”.

American magazine Slate ran the headline: “It’s OK to admit that Harry and Meghan are annoying.”

A review from the Wall Street Journal described the six-part series as a “royal pity party,” noting that the content was distinctly “one-sided.”

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