Thug headbutted girlfriend and cut her with knife over months of abuse

A thug who subjected his girlfriend to sickening abuse, including headbutting her and cutting her with a knife, has been jailed for three years and slapped with a five-year retraining order. Jason Dyer, from Ashton-Under-Lyne, was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court yesterday after pleading guilty to controlling and coercive behaviour, intentional suffocation, and actual bodily harm.

The 37-year-old had only been in a relationship with his victim for a few months – but during that period, he inflicted shocking physical, mental, and emotional abuse on her.

During the course of one night out, he headbutted her and continued to assault her afterwards.

After they returned to his home, he then used a Stanley knife to cut up their clothing and to injure his victim.

On a separate occasion, she had to climb out of a window after he locked her in his home.

The final incident, on July 4 of this year, happened when she went to Dyer’s address to collect her passport.

Once they were inside, he became violent, hitting the victim in the face and dragging her around by her hair.

He put his hand over the victim’s mouth and nose, preventing her from breathing to the point where she feared he was going to kill her.

Even after she contacted the police, Dyer continued to send a number of text messages offering to give her money not to tell them what happened, and to say he had taken a drug overdose, which was not the case.

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Detective Constable Leanne Heath, of Greater Manchester Police’s Tameside district, said: ‚ÄúThis last year has been an extremely traumatic time for the victim of Jason Dyer.

“Jason Dyer’s crimes are likely to affect the victim for the rest of her life. The trauma she was subjected to and made to live with will not simply go away just because the court process has concluded.”

He added: “I would like to thank the victim wholeheartedly for her bravery, strength, and support in initially reporting this to us and assisting our officers throughout this investigation which has ultimately put a dangerous man in prison.

“Her bravery and support she has shown has not only put him behind bars, but also prevented the same thing happening to someone else in our community.

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“Greater Manchester Police will not tolerate domestic abuse of any form or violence against women and girls.

“We want all members of our community to feel they are not at risk of harm in their own homes or when simply walking the streets of Greater Manchester going about their daily lives.”

GMP appealed for anyone experiencing domestic abuse to call 101, 999 in an emergency or report online via its website:

Alternatively, they can report information anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

A list of organizations which can provide assistance can be found here.

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