Toddler, 1, found dead after being sent home from busy hospital

The parents of a 22-month-old baby have demanded “answers” after their “little girl” died having been sent home prematurely from Accident & Emergency. Hailey Thompson, who was not yet two years old, was diagnosed with a virus on December 18, but her parents were told to give her fluids and paracetamol, and to make sure she was well rested and hydrated. The following day, when they went to check up on their little girl, they found her unresponsive in her bedroom.

An investigation has been launched into Hailey’s death following complaints from her parents that her case was not taken seriously enough.

The child’s father, Kris Thompson, 32, said he and Hailey’s mother Iboyla Adam, 35, “want answers”.

Mr Thompson, of Wigan, Greater Manchester, said: “We want answers. How can a healthy baby die in her sleep? And why wasn’t she tested for Strep A, scarlet fever or Covid, for instance?”

“We can’t believe we have lost our little girl. It all happened so quickly. Something in her body took control of her.”

Hailey’s condition was first raised to medical professionals on December 7, when she saw her GP after suffering a cough and a runny nose. The doctor prescribed her antibiotics, which were discontinued after she had an allergic reaction.

A week later, Mr Thompson and Ms Adam were told to administer Calpol instead of antibiotics because their daughter had come down with a viral infection.

The following day, the toddler was found short of breath and panting in bed and was taken to A&E, where her parents were told it would be a two-hour wait for an ambulance.

On-call doctors took her blood pressure but were unable to check her tonsils, so the family was told to go home. Hailey went straight to sleep upon her return to the house.

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