Ukraine launches Christmas revenge attack on Russian HQ

Ukraine carried out a devastating strike on a Russian command post in the Kherson region on Christmas Eve, inflicting heavy casualties on Putin’s army.

Artillery rounds hit a Russian HQ in the Zabaryne area, where a meeting of army officers was taking place.

Seventy Russian soldiers were reported injured in the attack, according to Ukraine’s General Staff.

They wrote: “Russian headquarters were attacked in the settlement of Zabaryne of Kherson Oblast, where a meeting of officers of the Southern military district of the Russian Armed Forces was held.

“As a result, up to 70 servicemen were injured. The number of the dead is still being determined.”

On Christmas Day, a Russian MiG-31K fighter jet was reported to be on fire at an airfield in Belarus near Machulishchy.

The fighter jet is armed with Kinzhal (Dagger) missiles and has been used in bombing campaigns in Ukraine.


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