Ukraine’s capital Kyiv wakes to explosions

It has been reported that a number of emergency services have been dispatched as explosions have been heard in Kyiv. Isobel Koshiw, the Guardian’s correspondent for Ukraine, has reported that air sirens first began just before 6am local time, and said the first explosion was reported to a Ukranian Telegram channel at 6:08am.

Two witnesses told Reuters that the city had been under air raid sirens for about 20 minutes before the blasts were heard.

This also collaborates with Emergency service maps of Kyiv, which showed air raid sirens had been alerted in the capital and the surrounding areas before explosions were heard.

Kyiv’s military administration has said a drone fragment has hit two administrative buildings in the city center.

The number of calamities, if there are any, is currently unknown.

Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, has confirmed that blasts hit the city’s central Shevchenkivskyi district early on Wednesday morning.

On Telegram, he wrote: “Emergency services dispatched, details later”.

The Governor of the Kyiv region, Oleksiy Kuleba, has said the air defense system was currently at work.

In a message to Ukrainians, the Governor said: “The air defense system is operating. It’s important now to stay in shelters and safe places.

“Russia is continuing its energy terror against our country. But we are getting stronger daily.”

Melina Simmons, Britain’s ambassador for Ukraine has reported that she is “Staying away from windows and hearing explosions outside.”

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The Governor of Zhytomyr, the area next to Kyiv, has warned Ukrainians that there may be a second wave of attack and to stay inside.

On Telegram, Governor Vitaliy Bunechko wrote: “Air danger continues. A second wave of drone attacks is possible. Stay in shelters.”

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