US student mysteriously vanishes in France as parents ‘fear the worst’

Desperate parents of a missing US college student studying in France are asking for help to locate their son after they haven’t heard from him since last month.

The fourth-year student from St John Fisher University in Rochester, New York had been studying abroad at the University of Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble.

The university is located about 75 miles southeast of Lyon in eastern France.

He went there on a study abroad program called the American Institute for Foreign Study, which has since confirmed it is working with authorities to try to locate the student.

The 22-year-old student had been speaking to his family every day or every other day, his parents said.

However, they haven’t heard from him since November 27, which is causing the family to become increasingly worried about his whereabouts.

The same day he last sent a WhatsApp message to his family, he left his host family’s home to catch a train to Valence.

Ken DeLand Sr, his father told CNN affiliate Wham: “We just shake our heads.

“We don’t understand why he is not reaching out to us if he was reaching out on a daily basis or every other day like he was it is just not characteristic of Kenny.”

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As well as not making contact with his family, Ken Jr also hasn’t posted on social media since November 27.

According to his bank statement, obtained by the police, Ken last made a purchase at a store at 9 am on December 3 in the town of Montelimar.

A liaison for the study abroad program also reportedly told DeLand Snr that his son had not attended class after his disappearance.

The French authorities have officially reported DeLand Jnr missing.

Deland’s family has launched a website to help locate him, where people can send tips and information.

The 22-year-old was last seen wearing a red jacket, scarf, gray beanie, blue pants, black backpack and sneakers, his family said on the website.

They also posted a photo from a surveillance camera of him walking inside a sporting goods store on December 3.

“We fear the worst and want him to be located,” the family’s website reads.

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