Violence erupts in Paris hours after three killed and several injured

Hundreds of Kurdish locals have flooded the streets around a cultural center in Paris where three people were killed and three wounded in what the Government said appeared to be a racially motivated attack. The group of protesters were reportedly throwing rocks and fighting with the police, who responded by using teargas. Eleven officers have been wounded in the exchange, the police said. The incident comes after a spokesperson for the cultural center, Agit Polat, accused the French authorities of “once more failing to protect us” against a “terrorist attack”.

Protesters could be seen fighting with riot police as the forces attempt to push back members of the Kurdish community.

Hundreds of the locals waved Kurdish flags as they looked to pay respects to the three people killed earlier on Friday.

Angry residents took to the streets as police in riot gear cordoned off the area around Rue d’Enghien, near the center of Paris, where the attacker had been arrested earlier.

The police could be seen hitting protesters with riot shields as the fighting broke out.


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