Vladimir Putin’s ill health blamed for mobilisation speech climb down

Speculation is mounting that Putin’s mood is depressed.

A Telegram run by disaffected members of Russia’s intelligence service, has suggested that Vladimir Putin could be avoiding making any wholesale policy announcements on the war as a result of his low mood.

General SVR channel wrote: “Now, why, most likely, Putin will refrain from announcing ‘decision-making and big plans.’

“Recently, the president has been feeling unwell and there is no improvement in his health condition yet.

“Poor health causes a depressed mood. Everyone, who is close to the president, knows that in order to announce key decisions, it is important for him to be in a good mood and on the move, now this is not at all. With a sluggish and unconvincing look, he can push mournful passing speeches, but not call on millions to certain death.

“Of course, there is an option, that understanding the lack of progress in improving health status will soon force Putin to make and announce decisions against his will, but the president is so indecisive that he will most likely pass such an initiative to Shoigu, for example.

“Pay attention to the president, who has recently been dropped from the information agenda, to sharp changes in the schedule, work and Putin’s participation in various events.

“The President reduced personal participation in negotiations, meetings, and conferences to a minimum, almost completely switching to the format of video communication and telephone communication.

“The president’s double attends rare meetings and events more often than the real Putin. The “millions” that the half-corpse sends and is still going to send to certain death should take a closer look and think about what is happening.

“The inner circle is well aware that Putin will not be able to fully fulfill his duties for a long time and is still waiting for him to launch controlled transit. But, if there are no decisions in the near future, the elites will begin to act independently.”

Earlier this week, the channel reported that the Russian leader is suffering from “weakness, dizziness” as a result of ongoing treatment.

Putin has been the focus of widespread speculation about his health amid unconfirmed reports that he is suffering from cancer or another serious illness.

General SVR reported: “According to the estimates of the close circle, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in recent days, has become withdrawn, laconic, practically does not meet anyone and, in general, looks deeply concerned.

The channel added: “Putin is undergoing a course of treatment with drugs which, in addition to their therapeutic effect, cause weakness, dizziness, [and] lack of appetite, which does not affect his psycho-emotional state in the best way.”

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The suggestions then come that Putin’s altered emotional state might be a result of anxiety ahead of a big political announcement.

General SVR states: “Putin announced ‘big decisions’, which, according to him, should fundamentally change the situation both on the domestic and foreign policy track. Now the president is considering the sequence and time frame for the implementation of ‘big decisions’ .

“Putin is a rather cowardly person and any changes, even those introduced by him, cause him serious fears and anxiety.

“Such behavior is typical for Putin on the eve of the adoption and start of implementation of key decisions.”

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