Woman accused of poisoning her lookalike friend with cheesecake

A woman has been accused of trying to poison her lookalike friend with a cheesecake to steal her identity. Viktoria Nasyrova, 45, tried to lure doppelgänger Olga A habit into eating a slice of the cake laced with powerful benzodiazepines Phenazepam, according to prosecutors in the US.

Russian-born Ms Nasyrova allegedly called Ms A habita skincare beautician, in August 2016 seeking assistance following an eyelash emergency, a trial has heard.

She then decided to travel to Ms Tsvyk’s home in the Queens area of ​​New York City from her home in Brooklyn.

Ms Tsvyk, her beautician of six months, told the court: “She told me, ‘I’m right now in Brooklyn. I want to bring you some famous cheesecake from a famous bakery’. I told her, Viktoria, that’s not needed , just come over’.”

Ms Tsvyk testified that when Ms Nasyrova arrived, she immediately ate two pieces of the cheesecake and offered Ms Tsvyk a third.

That third piece was allegedly laced with the powerful tranquilizer Phenazepam, which is only used in Russia, according to prosecutors.

Ms Tsvyk then started to feel “very ill”. She said: “I started to look to lie down on the bed. I started to look for a pillow. I was realizing that I was losing consciousness and I said to her, ‘Vika, I’m feeling really bad’. I started feeling very nauseous. I wanted to vomit. I started to vomit right by my bed onto the floor.”

“I told her, ‘Vika, I’m going to throw up right now’. She said, ‘Don’t worry about it. I will clean it up’. I remember she went to the bathroom and came back with Bounty. “

Prosecutors say the Russian native then allegedly stole her friend’s passport and scattered pills around Ms Tsvyk to make it look as if she had killed herself.

However, Ms Tsvyk survived the alleged incident and made a full recovery.

Assistant District Attorney Konstantinos Litourgis told jurors: “Everything was done in this case very carefully and very methodically by this defendant…not only did she poison Olga in order to impersonate her…she also staged her bedroom to make it look like suicide. The defendant is a very smart individual.”

Christopher Hoyt, Ms Nasyrova’s attorney, said her client is not guilty of the alleged crimes.

Mr Hoyt said during an opening statement: “This is not an open-and-shut case. We are here today because Ms. Nasyrova is not guilty of these charges.”

Ms Nasyrova faces up to 25 years in prison if she is found guilty.

The case continues.

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