Woman says cop ex-husband for rape investigation traumatic

A woman says a mishandled police investigation into her allegation that her officer ex-husband raped her was “more traumatic” than the rape itself.

The former wife of the policeman – who spoke to Sky News – said it took eight years for her to pluck up the courage to talk to anyone.

“Sally”, who is not identified for legal reasons, told the broadcaster she came forward after learning that her ex-partner was also alleged to have been violent towards his new wife.

But Sally claims the alleged victim was never formally interviewed. A criminal investigation was launched into her ex-husband but later dropped, she said, as there was an internal review.

Sally, now retired from the police like her ex-husband, said: “I just don’t feel believed. I feel like it’s all been brushed under the carpet.

“If it happened to me again, I wouldn’t report it. I found the investigation was more traumatic than the actual incident.”

Sally told Sky News many of the officers she reported the incident to revealed they knew her ex-husband and one officer listened to her allegation before telling her he “grew up” with him.

She claims she felt unsupported and because she was a police officer she “wasn’t allowed to be a victim”.

There has been widespread outrage over police handling of officers suspected of sex crimes being allowed to continue to work on forces.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said more than 1,000 officers and staff remained in service despite domestic or sexual abuse allegations.

The Home Office last night ordered all police forces to re-check their officers and staff against national crime databases.

Sky News said they had contacted the police force that Sally worked for, but it declined to comment.

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