Woman vows to cancel Christmas dinner if people come without food

A woman who agreed to host a Christmas dinner this year for her family has reportedly threatened to cancel the plan after attendees ditched the plan at the last moment. According to a news report, the woman decided to host the dinner with a condition that each guest will cook a meal for the get-together.

However, all of the family members have changed their plans at the last minute.

The Mirror reported about the hostess, who believed that Christmas is a “big affair” in her rather large family.

During the festive season, around 30 people gather together to have their Christmas meal.

The woman further explained that, in her culture, celebrations begin on Christmas Eve, kicking off with a “huge dinner” made up of 12 different dishes.

With this in mind, she asked that everyone bring a dish from the list, with the understanding that they would share out the cost and any leftovers.

Taking to Reddit, where she goes by the username u/ChristmasConundrum1, the exasperated woman explained that she had planned everything out well in advance, even handing out the list to family members back in August.

However, everything did not go according to plan.

She wrote: “I’ve been getting calls from my family since yesterday. Everyone has an excuse for why they won’t be able to bring a meal.

“Excuses range from ‘I’m busy with work’ or ‘I have kids, I don’t have time to cook with them on Christmas break’ or ‘my dog ​​ate my cooking book’ (the last one is a joke but some of their excuses are equally as funny).

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“With almost everyone bailing, I’m quite annoyed.

“It’s the 23rd and I’d have to do all the cooking myself, meaning that I’d have to go and do shopping now (5pm) with shops being packed, spend hundreds if not thousands and then cook and bake all night and likely not have everything ready.”

After checking through her lengthy to-do list, the home cook admitted she “wanted to cry”.

She then called up her family and issued an ultimatum via a conference call.

The woman explained: “I told them that I won’t be doing all the cooking and they had three options. One, they all cook as we agreed, two, I make a big batch of homemade pizza and we’ll have Christmas pizza which was met with cries of ‘you can’t do that to kids’.

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“Three, I cancel the dinner.

“They come over and I don’t open my door, pretending I’m not home while eating my pizza, watching something in bed.

“They’re fuming, saying that I ruined Christmas and I’m heartless.”

The news report also stated that the woman ended up getting so much abuse from her family that she had to mute their phone calls and text messages and now wonders whether she could be the one in the wrong.

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